Sharing Knowledge and Excitement
through Innovation

Keiichiro Tsukamoto
Founder/ Chief Advisor
Impress Holdings, Inc.

“Sharing Knowledge and Excitement through Innovation”
This is Impress Group’s philosophy.

As information and communication technology keep improving, every new day brings new possibilities that were once impossible with analog technology. We can now obtain information on anything quickly, cheaply, and accurately. In the near future, it won’t be just information that we can upload to digital networks, but also knowledge and wisdom. When that happens, people all over the world will be able to benefit, either directly or indirectly.

Amid such a digital revolution, I hope that Impress Group will keep thinking of new ideas from customers’ perspective and create interesting things using technology and networks. That way, we will be able to share our wisdom and excitement with everyone in the world—ordinary citizens who have become prosumers, the increasing numbers of people transmitting information, and businesses and organizations developing capabilities in the information industry.

Impress Group has always provided high value-added content and services that meet the needs of the era, whether it is through print publications such as books and magazines or digital content such as websites and internet media. We will continue to increase value as an enterprise by strengthening our market orientation and taking on the challenge of creating new media unrestricted by existing journalism frameworks.

Keiichiro Tsukamoto
Founder/ Chief Advisor
Impress Holdings, Inc.

*Message on October 1st, 2004 at the time of transition to a holding company structure.

About the company name

The name “Impress” expresses our founder Keiichiro Tsukamoto’s hope that the company will “impress” people through our “press” activities. This is in line with Impress Group’s philosophy of “Sharing Knowledge and Excitement through Innovation”.

About the logo

The three red, green, and blue rings in the logo represent the three primary colors of light (RGB). The three arrows that pass through them represent three forms of information: text, graphics, and audio. The logo represents Impress Group’s commitment to creating new forms of media unrestricted by existing limitations of journalism, rooted in the belief that progress in digital information technologies is the key to a prosperous society.


Logo Design : Okada Akiyuki/Go Keiko